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Infomation and access when you go to koyasan

Koyasan are going to come to the end of autumn leaves soon.

So why don‘t you add a plan to go koyasan now??

Today I would like to explain easily what is koyasan.



What is koyasan??


☞Koyasan shingonshu(one of sects of shingonsyu in buddhism)was established in koyasan 1200 years ago by kukai who was the most supremest monk(koubou daishi)


☞Koyasan have been the place where monks are doing hard training(otsutome) everyday to get closer buddha.


☞One of carastristics in koyasan shingonshu is mikkyo.

It is believed that buddha‘s words to us includes deep hidden meanings in all our whole life and activity. Kukai also thought that we can live happily, even after dying by doing hard training and understanding that teaching.


☞These architectures also have important meanings in shingonsyu and still remains figures 1200 years ago.


For xample...


①daimon(picture from koyasan HP)


Entrance of koyasan

It was so sanctuary place that only authorized people can enter such as emperor and who were in high position socially.




Center of shingonshu

This figure remains its beauty and solemness on that period and shows the place where buddha is.


What can you experience in Koyasan??


For example...


It is a meditation and method of breath in koyasan shingonshu‘style




 ☞experiene sutras to know buddha‘s words and take a look at oneself again.


※There are solemn manners and rule to join it.


➂tours to forest around precinct



 You can eat syoujin ryori(cuisine for monks without meat)in koyasan.


☞My recommend store

🔸goma dofu/hamadaya★★★★★★

You can eat really delicious sesami tofu with wasabi and soy source.

hamadaya HP(japanese)




koyasan sta☞ koyasan ekimae/bus stop(bound for okunoin mae or okunoin guchi or sakuratougesita)☞get off odawara dori



☞9;00~17;00(untill sold out)

☞cash only

☞day off in November/2018☞14,27,28,29


※all events you can experience in have been alreadly decided that days and time.

If you need more infomation,visit koyasan HP

Experience | Koyasan Shingon Sect Main Temple Kongobu-ji


How can we access here??

namba(nankai koya line)☞hashimoto☞gokurakubashi(cable car)☞koyasan ¥1260/1h 40mins


Which tickets you can use??

JR pass

JR shinimamiya(yamatoji line)☞JR oji(wakayama line)☞hashimoto/ 3h to koyasan

※I don‘t recommend to use JR pass because of being detour.



Osaka kaiyu kippu(1h40mins)



Koyasan HP

Koyasan Shingon Sect Main Temple Kongobu-ji


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