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My recommend takoyaki store in Osaka①【takoyaki fu-fu】

Do you wanna eat takoyaki when visiting in Osaka?? However, there are a lot of stores in Osaka and you must be bothered which stores you should go. So I would like to introduce my recommend takoyaki stores as series. Today, as first time,I…

Infomation of useful ticket 【enjoy eco card/one day pass】

Do you have plans to go around Osaka?? If you so, I recommend the most simplest ticket for you. This name is called enjoy eco card or 1day pass.

How can we use osaka amazing pass and where can we buy it??

Maido (welcome to)Osaka!! If you wanna enjoy Osaka more,there is really useful discount tickets for you. Let‘s go to see with me which areas you can use and where you can take discount

Infomation and access when you go to koyasan

Koyasan are going to come to the end of autumn leaves soon. So why don‘t you add a plan to go koyasan now?? Today I would like to explain easily what is koyasan.

I try to make a traditional japanese morning set with only convenience food!!【seven eleven】

We often hear that some visitors come to Japan to visit only japanese convinience stores such as american dog and fried chiken. Among them,especially,they are dealing delicious japanese food(wasyoku). So today I would like to make traditio…

Let‘s see main japanese annual events and festivals【the first half of the year ver.】

Are you interested in japanese cultures and annual events?? Or even if you don‘t know that at all, you would get deeper japanese cultures than now after reading this article. It must be useful for everyone who are interested in that. Pleas…

My best autumn leaves places(kouyou) in osaka

Now one of the most beautiful seasons you can see Autumn leaves is coming in Japan. But do you know when is the highest peak of them and how should go to there?? Today I would like to introduce my reccomend kouyou places and these accesses…

Useful discount infomation when you go Kaiyukan+α【Osaka Kaiyu Ticket】

Do you have a plan to go kaiyukan when visiting to Osaka?? If you so,there is useful infomation of discount ticket for you. This ticket‘s name is osaka kaiyu ticket. Let‘s see which areas you can use and how much is discounted by this tick…

Where can you exchange JR PASS in Osaka and which areas you can use it??

Do you wanna go to many places in Japan; not only Osaka and Tokyo but Nigata and Hiroshima?? If you so, we recommend to use JAPAN RAIL PASS. I think most of visitors have already got a exchangeable ticket in your country. Especially,I‘d li…

What event does japanese do in the new year??【osechi ryori】

What event does japanese do in the new year?? have you had a question so far?? Today, I introduce japanese osechi ryori(cuisine). If you are interested in it, let‘s see and learn about it together!!

Let‘s learn how to hold chopsticks with me.

When you visit in japan, you wanna use chopsticks correctly don‘t you?? Especially, you have chance to eat noodles by using chopsticks in Japan . So let‘s learn how to use it together!! You must be closing a japanese master after reading…

Places you want to visit after stopping at kaiyukan.

Did you enjoy KAIYUKAN?? Do you want to eat something or enjoy more after KAIYUKAN?? If you so, there are many recommend places next to KAIYUKAN !!

Let‘s know about japanese seasons and weather before visiting in Japan

Are you making a plan to visit in Japan now?? I think most of you haven‘t decided yet when you should visit. Or are you searching for best japanese season?? NO PLOBLEM!! In this article, I share all japanese seasons throughout the year w…

Let‘s go experience japanese and world sea animals at kaiyukan!!

Are you interested in japanese sea animals?? If you so, I recommend to go kaiyukan. In there you can see not only japanese animals but ones in all over the world. It must be a great time for you and not enough to see in one day!!

How to buy a prepaid sim card in Osaka city

Are you looking for a prepaid sim card in osaka?? Following articles of prepaid sim cards and wi‐fi in Kansai Internatinal Airport,Today, I introduce my recommend places you can buy a prepaid sim card in Osaka city.

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